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Cowboy on a Wrong Train


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Following the mysterious loss of Tomar El Oro, three-year-old American Quarter Horse stallion, in a race, Kelsey sets out to find the culprit amid confusion and distraction brought by the sudden return of her father, the man who left her and her mother on their own many years ago.

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Cody Cambres leads a simple, quiet life in a ranch, occasionally broken by the excitement of animals going into labor, busy days, church days, and horse rides. One winter morning, Cody meets the newcomer, Alan, who’s looking for a job and a place to stay. Cody hires Alan to help around the ranch and finds a competent and pleasant worker in the man.

In the spring, a series of tragedies destroys their peaceful life in the ranch. Several shootings occur in the area, leaving Alan injured and Cody’s best horse dead. One of Cody’s friends dies in another shooting, leaving his wife, Aimi, widowed. Days later, wildfire breaks out in Cody’s ranch and spreads, destroying several properties, including Aimi’s house and barn. In the aftermath of the tragedies, Cody, Alan, and Aimi help one another rebuild what they have lost.

Inspiring and heartwarming, From Homeless to Heaven will take you on a small-town adventure filled with farm animals, faith, friendship, and perseverance.

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They say that curiosity kills the cat. This could not be truer for Ty Grenshaw.

Upon looking for a stray cattle, the rancher cowboy gets kidnapped as he gets on a suspicious train with the belief that the cattle is inside.

Cowboy on the Wrong Train is a fast-paced Western mystery you wouldn’t want to miss. Saddle up and ride along for the action and suspense!

Jeanne Ann Off

About The Author

Jeanne Ann Off received her bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University. She also earned a Bible College degree from Faith Bible Institute. She studied a writing course from Institute of Children’s Literature. This has made her a mentee of writers Patricia Calvert and Teri Martini in her book Acid and Bribery. Jeanne also has written a number of articles in The Fence Post. Both she and her husband of fifty-nine years grew up in Western Colorado cattle ranches.

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